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Finding the right Medicare plan was way too hard. So Healthpilot fixed it.

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Something Had to Change

Confusing. Exhausting. Frustrating. This is how people describe what it’s like to enroll in a Medicare plan. Despite advances in technology, the customer experience for finding and enrolling in a Medicare plan has been stuck in the 1970s.

Now you have Healthpilot on your side. Healthpilot takes all the pressure off you, making it fast, easy and secure to find the right Medicare plan for your needs every year.

We Find The Right Plan For You For Life

We built Healthpilot to do all of the work for you. You tell us about yourself…we sift through all the details to find the best plan for your needs. Your doctors, your prescriptions, your pharmacy, your needs. We even made enrolling online easy. You could save hundreds – even thousands – with full confidence and no hassle. Best of all, once you’re a Healthpilot customer, we do this for you every year for the rest of your life.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to make healthcare easy, efficient, and effective for every consumer. Starting with seniors and people with Medicare, we are focused on solving every single one of our customers’ Medicare insurance plan needs.

We Changed Everything About Finding A Medicare Plan

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We promise to always put your needs first and that you will be delighted with your experience and our service.

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  • Call you on the phone unless you ask us to.
  • Pressure you to buy anything.
  • Steer you toward products based on our compensation.
  • Sell your personal data — EVER.

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