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Nashville city skyline, home of Healthpilot.

About Us

We built Healthpilot for you

Enrolling in a Medicare plan can be confusing, tiring, and frustrating. Whether it's commissioned sales practices, endless phone calls and emails, or misleading advertising, we believe there needs to be more focus on the customer. So, we built Healthpilot.

Our AI technology is the first of its kind. And the process is simple. We start by asking questions about things that are important to you. We then collect information on your specific drugs, doctors, and pharmacies. Put that together and we’re able to provide a recommendation that’s personalized to your needs, so you don't have to do the hard work.

Each year, as your health and prescriptions change, our AI automatically provides new recommendations of better coverage options, so you don’t have to stress about going through the process again. Our goal is to solve your Medicare plan concerns for life.   

The best part - you can enroll fully online or with the support of our non-commissioned, Licensed Insurance brokers. We’re all about choice in how you interact with us – your choice.

Our vision

We strive to set the standard as the most customer-centric Medicare broker & marketplace.  With cutting-edge technology, our mission is to make healthcare easy, efficient, and effective. Starting with seniors and people with Medicare, we are focused on solving every one of our customers’ Medicare insurance plan needs. 

What we believe inOur Core Values

  • Customer First, Always 

    We’re fanatical about our customers and built this business to give you something no other broker does – freedom to enroll and engage the way you want.

  • Trustworthy

    We’re removing the commission bias from finding and enrolling in a Medicare plan and we don’t force you to give us your information just to see a quote. Our only goal is to provide you with the information you need to make an educated decision and support you along the way.

  • Furiously Innovative

    We’ve assembled a team of experts to deliver the best Medicare plan and customer experiences on the planet. The status quo doesn’t work for us. We’re pushing the boundaries using AI and data to help our customers find the best plan for their ever-changing needs, year after year.

  • Superior Service 

    Our team of non-commissioned, Licensed Insurance brokers are here to help. We’re available to answer your questions and help you find the best option for you, even if that means signing up with someone else.

Seth Teich, CEO of Healthpilot in a bespoke blue suit, smiling at the camera.
Seth Teich - CEO

A word from the CEO

“I am passionate about fulfilling unmet healthcare needs and am thrilled to lead an organization whose mission is to help Seniors and all people with Medicare understand, shop, enroll, and monitor their Medicare plan—something that doesn’t exist today.”

Our Teamis focused on you

Our team has a diverse background of Medicare, healthcare, and consumer engagement experience. Industry-leading talent is our most valuable asset - we are dedicated to providing our customers the best Medicare experience in the industry.

  1. Jake Cavin, Chief Operating Officer at Healthpilot.
    Jake Cavin Chief Operating Officer
  2. Dave Nicklaus, Head of Carrier Relations at Healthpilot.
    Dave Nicklaus Head of Carrier Relations
  3. Bryan Kimball, Head of Engineering at Healthpilot.
    Bryan Kimball Head of Engineering
  4. Matthew Hoty, Head of Product at Healthpilot.
    Matthew Hoty Head of Product
  5. Brent Freed, Vice President, Compliance Officer at Healthpilot.
    Brent Freed Vice President, Compliance Officer
  6. Ryan Sommers, Lead Software Engineer at Healthpilot.
    Ryan Sommers Lead Software Engineer
  7. Greg Kuper, Lead Software Engineer at Healthpilot.
    Greg Kuper Lead Software Engineer
  8. Blake King, QA Engineer at Healthpilot.
    Blake King QA Engineer
  9. Jonathan Carroll, Senior Software Engineer at Healthpilot.
    Jonathan Carroll Senior Software Engineer
  10. Brandi Cameron, Software Engineer at Healthpilot.
    Brandi Cameron Software Engineer
  11. Joseph Wardenaar, Software Engineer at Healthpilot.
    Joseph Wardenaar Software Engineer
  12. Joey Zhang, DevOps Architect at Healthpilot.
    Joey Zhang DevOps Architect
  13. Byron Howell, Senior Systems Admin at Healthpilot.
    Byron Howell Senior Systems Admin
  14. Sabber Ahamed, Lead Data Scientist at Healthpilot.
    Sabber Ahamed Lead Data Scientist
  15. Madeline Hoskins, Senior Product Manager at Healthpilot.
    Madeline Hoskins Senior Product Manager
  16. Annika Roberts, Data Analyst at Healthpilot.
    Annika Roberts Data Analyst
  17. Rachel Rambo, Senior Manager, Marketing Operations at Healthpilot.
    Rachel Rambo Senior Manager, Marketing Operations
  18. Zachary Ervin, Director, Carrier Relations and Customer Service at Healthpilot.
    Zachary Ervin Director, Carrier Relations and Customer Service
  19. Tim Davis, Manager, Customer Service Operations at Healthpilot.
    Tim Davis Manager, Customer Service Operations
  20. Chelsea Rieger, Customer Advocate - Carrier Relations at Healthpilot.
    Chelsea Rieger Customer Advocate - Carrier Relations

In the News

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Nashville city skyline, home of Healthpilot.

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