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Rising healthcare costs keep your clients up at night. Getting Medicare-eligible clients into the right plan can help. But you’re a financial advisor, not a Medicare expert. And you don’t want to send yet another client to a Medicare broker (and potential competitor).

We’ve got the right Medicare solution for you and the right Medicare plan for your clients. Healthpilot took the old, clunky way of finding a Medicare plan and made it fast, easy, secure and 100% online.

When you partner with Healthpilot, we’re your Medicare experts, who have transformed the Medicare plan search and enrollment process.

With a simple online recommendation from you to Healthpilot, we’ll find your clients the right Medicare plan for their needs — potentially saving them hundreds of dollars. But you’ll be the hero who solved their Medicare problem and rescued them from wasting money on the wrong coverage. With Healthpilot, you’ll never have to send a client to a Medicare broker again.

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Our advisor portal lets you identify Medicare-eligible clients and send them a templated email referral with one click. Then they can find the right Medicare plan on their own and enroll without leaving

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A Unique, Transformational Platform for You And Your Clients

Leave the Medicare expertise to us.

Here’s how it works. Your clients tell us a little about how they use healthcare (doctors, prescriptions, pharmacy). Then our technology does the rest. We find the right Medicare plan for your clients’ needs and make it easy to enroll in minutes. Let us be the Medicare plan experts, so you have more time to focus on your clients.

Stop losing clients to Medicare brokers.

Sending clients to Medicare brokers has risks. Many of them double as financial advisors. And clients can end up with “one size fits all” plans that don’t give them the right coverage. With Healthpilot, you already have the solution to your clients’ Medicare needs, so there is no need to bring in anyone else.

Make Medicare part of financial planning.

After your clients enroll with Healthpilot, you’ll be able to see our estimate of their Medicare costs and savings on your advisor portal. So you can use this data in your financial planning. You can also upload your client list right to the portal, where we can help you identify clients for referral.

Free to use. Safe and secure.

Healthpilot is free for you and your clients, with no obligation to enroll. Plan costs are the same as those offered by the plan’s insurance carrier. Your client data is secured by our robust digital security program, which includes controls to satisfy the security trust services criteria. And we never sell customer data —ever.

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