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  • “It was the most user friendly healthcare site I’ve ever experienced. Even with my limited tech knowledge I was able to find all of the information I need to make decisions about my healthcare care plan for 2024!”

    Susan B.

    Medicare Advantage Plan
  • “The web site is very well laid out, so that comparison of plans was clear and concise. And help is readily available but NOT breathing down my neck. Highly recommend!”

    Jean Z.

    Prescription Drug Plan
  • “The agent was so helpful! She asked a few questions and answered mine and I was enrolled in a new drug plan that seemed like a good fit in 25 minutes -start to finish of the phone call”

    Marilyn B.

    Prescription Drug Plan
  • “Very easy to navigate and easier to compare plans and understand the results.”

    Sue S.

    Medicare Advantage Plan
  • “I was able to see the best choices based on the questionnaire. It made choosing so easy!”

    Jeanne T.

    Medicare Advantage Plan
  • “When doing the research myself, there was agents standing by if I needed help”

    PJ W.

    Medicare Advantage Plan
  • “Showed clearly what was best for me. Very easy to use. Better than”

    Linda S.

    Prescription Drug Plan
  • “Quick, convenient, saved me money”

    Randee S.

    Medicare Advantage Plan
  • “The fact that I can do the research myself but there is a support team if help is needed.”

    Pamela W.

    Medicare Advantage Plan
  • “Tim Davis spent a great deal of time making sure that our plan was one that fit our needs. He was very empathetic and friendly as well as knowledgeable regarding all the plusses and minuses of the plans offered.”

    Martin F.

    Prescription Drug Plan
  • “I think Healthpilot is a valuable tool. I typically do not review or change my Medicare plan because I’m afraid of making the wrong decision. It was very easy to use and compare plans. A tool like this will help me understand my coverage and make the right decision.”

    Kay W.

    Medicare Advantage Plan
  • “Medicare is very confusing for me as I suffered a stroke; too many details and I am nervous I won’t pick the right plan. I was able to use Healthpilot with my daughter so we could make the decision together. She was very excited not to need to be on a long call with a Medicare agent!”

    Lisa G.

    Medicare Advantage Plan
  • “The site was easy to navigate and provided the necessary info we needed to make a decision. Using Healthpilot sure seemed like a much better way to review our plan options than calling a random 800 number and talking to a salesperson.”

    Tom H.

    Medicare Advantage Plan
  • “This site is informative, concise and a pleasure to navigate. I did not have to search for the points I was looking for. I will return again to compare my current plan with new ones.”

    Azalee S.

    Medicare Advantage Plan
  • “My final choice of Humana’s Medicare Advantage PPO has been a perfect fit so far. Healthpilot’s website…made the whole process [of finding a plan] so much easier. And I felt very comfortable with my choice when I signed up.”

    Lynne G.

    Medicare Advantage Plan
  • “That you helped me choose a considerably better plan and were unbiased. I'll be saving $15 every time I see a specialist. That's a huge difference for me. My coverage will be far better, too. Your unbiased services are all at no cost to me. Thank you Health Pilot.”

    Stacey L.

    Medicare Advantage Plan

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