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We make finding the right Medicare plan for your needs easy now and for life.

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Healthpilot is a secure, online insurance platform you can access from any device, anywhere, anytime. We help you find the right Medicare plan for your healthcare needs so you can choose your plan with confidence and enroll online in minutes.

Here’s why Healthpilot is different from
(and better than) the rest:

The right plan for you.

Tell us a little about you and how you use health care (like your doctors, your prescriptions, your pharmacy) and our technology does the rest. We find the right plan that meets your needs and make it easy for you to enroll in just minutes. No more confusion, no more hassle.

The right plan for life.

We regularly monitor insurance plan changes as well as changes in your health profile. If we find a plan that could provide better coverage for your needs or save you money, we’ll let you know and make it easy for you to enroll in minutes. You never have to worry about your Medicare coverage again.

No annoying phone calls.

No pushy salespeople. No waiting on hold. Unlike the telemarketers and scammers, we never call unless you want us to.

Hundreds – even thousands – in potential savings.

With Healthpilot, you’ll clearly see how much you could save with your new plan, and you can easily compare it to your current plan or other plans available in your market.

Safe and secure.

We treat the information that you share with us in the safest, most secure way possible, and your Medicare plan recommendations are based only on the data you provide.

Free with no obligation to enroll.

Your plan costs the same whether you enroll through Healthpilot or the insurance company. There are no hidden costs or extra fees.

Easy-to-understand plan costs.

Copays and premiums don’t tell the whole story. So we look at deductibles, coinsurance and other costs to show you the true cost of owning your plan.

Your very own “co-pilot.”

Get help from our expert co-pilots. These licensed insurance agents do not favor any plan or carrier — they work only for you.

Doctors are priority.

Finding plans that cover your doctors are a top priority when making our recommendations.

Easy-to-read drug coverage.

We talk about prescriptions in plain language, even making “the donut hole” easier to understand.

How It Works

Easy to understand, easy to enroll, easy to manage. All online.

Infographic showing 3-step process for getting a Medicare plan with Healthpilot.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

We securely collect information like your address, doctors and prescriptions.

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Infographic showing 3-step process for getting a Medicare plan with Healthpilot.

We find the right plan for you.

Our technology searches available Medicare plans to find the right match for you and the way you use healthcare.

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Infographic showing 3-step process for getting a Medicare plan with Healthpilot.

Enroll online, and enroll fast.

Review your plan, look at others if you’d like, compare key details, and click the enroll button. It’s that easy!

How We Find Your Plan

First, you provide some basic information and tell us a little about how you use healthcare. Healthpilot’s proprietary technology predicts how much you would pay out-of-pocket and how much you could save with each available plan, based on how you use healthcare.

Healthpilot then finds the right plan for your specific needs and presents the plan details in an easy-to-understand way. You can compare plans side-by-side, chat with a co-pilot as needed, and enroll in a Medicare plan directly online through Healthpilot.

There is never any pressure to enroll. No pushy salespeople. No hidden costs. Just the right Medicare plan for you — a plan that you can have confidence in.

Customer First, Always

Infographic showing how Healthpilot recommends Medicare plans. Person and checkmarks


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presents plan recommendations
based on your specific healthcare needs.

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Cloud timer

You get real-time access to your plan details, benefit highlights and coverage updates.

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Healthpilot monitors your profile and plan changes from insurers.

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Smartphone alerts

Healthpilot alerts you when there is a plan that could be better for you.

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