Our Story

Healthpilot solves the Customer's Medicare insurance needs online today and for the rest of their life.

Easy, Efficient, and Effective for every Consumer

Confusion. Anxiety. Inconvenience. Fear. These are just a few of the feelings and experiences one feels when making one of the most consequential decisions in their lives – enrolling in Medicare health insurance. Studies show that as many as 9 out of 10 Medicare enrollees have the wrong insurance coverage for their health and economic circumstances. So many Consumers struggle through the maze of products, jargon and numbers…we have seen your tears…we have heard your nightmares. With so much advancement in health information and digital engagement technology, why is the Consumer experience in the Medicare insurance market stuck in the 1970s?

Healthpilot was founded by a team of seasoned, successful health care and consumer engagement technology veterans who have seen for years the pain points that Medicare beneficiaries have in accessing the healthcare market confidently, starting with Medicare insurance. Transformation of this broken process and unacceptable Customer experience is our purpose. We have the solution.

Helping everyone with Medicare, all our beloved Seniors find the right Medicare insurance plan while removing the complexity and feelings of fear and uncertainty in making this consequential life decision is our focus.

“No group of health care Consumers is more in need of advocacy and assistance than Seniors.”

Our mission is clear and simple: to make healthcare easy, efficient, and effective for every Consumer. Starting with Seniors and people with Medicare, we are focused on solving every single one of our Customers’ Medicare insurance needs. The Healthpilot engagement platform is designed to do just this – at scale – for every single Customer. By serving each Customer’s needs, we improve our Customers’ lives and the health care market as a whole. This is why our battle-cry is and will always be: Customer first. Always.

It is not a dream. The Healthpilot platform is solving the Customer’s Medicare insurance needs online today and for the rest of their life. Powered by a proprietary decision support engine and a world-class digital customer experience that makes the Medicare plan selection and enrollment experience easy, delightful and confidence-inspiring, Healthpilot Customers enjoy a tailored, expertly navigated experience that gets each and every one of them to the right insurance destination.

The Healthpilot platform works for our Customers for the rest of their lives, creating a life-long digital conversation that keeps them in the best insurance plan at every stage of their life’s journey. Healthpilot unburdens the Medicare insurance question for every one of our Customers. Having the confidence that their health care is in the hands of a trusted pilot, our Customers get on with living their best lives.

Healthpilot – Making Medicare Easy.


We take the confusion and hard work out of enrolling in a Medicare plan through our intuitive, easy to use online experience


The process to select, review and enroll in the best Medicare plan for you will only take a few minutes. And because we are always monitoring your coverage, needed changes in the future will be easy and fast, too


Our proven software ensures that your plan selection is based completely on your needs — not what a broker is trying to sell you. We make sure your coverage is effective for you, for life