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Four New Opportunities for Financial Advisors from Healthpilot

Medicare is about to become a lot more fun to talk about. Because now Healthpilot offers the opportunity for you to show your clients a better Medicare experience.

In the past when clients brought up Medicare, you probably couldn’t wait for them to change the subject. After all, you’re a financial advisor, not a Medicare expert. So, you may have thought there was little you could do for these clients. And Medicare didn’t offer much of a business opportunity for you either.

When you partner with Healthpilot, you can be the hero for your client. Because once you refer them to us, we find them the right Medicare plan for their needs. We even make it easy to enroll online, in minutes.

So, before you refer another client to a healthcare broker, here are four ways Healthpilot creates opportunities for financial advisors.

Opportunity 1: Attract new clients.

When you partner with Healthpilot, we’ll find the right Medicare plan for your clients’ healthcare needs — for life. They can potentially save hundreds, even thousands, every year. Plus, Healthpilot lets you see one of the largest expenses for Medicare-eligible investors — their estimated healthcare costs. That’s attractive to clients who want their advisor to provide holistic financial guidance. The right plan for life . . . hundreds in potential savings . . . moving multiple financial topics under one advisor. Selling points like these may be just what you need to bring in new clients.

Opportunity 2: Retain existing clients.

In the past, you may have sent clients to a healthcare broker. But with Healthpilot, you have a Medicare expert for a partner. So why send clients to another healthcare broker? Many of them double as financial advisors. At Healthpilot, we don’t sell financial advice. We’re not competition. Plus, we find the right Medicare plan for your clients every year. So, clients have another reason to stay with you.

Opportunity 3: Make Medicare expenses part of financial planning. 

After your clients enroll in a Medicare plan with Healthpilot, you’ll be able to see their estimated costs and savings on your advisor portal. Then you can use this data in your financial planning. That gives you another reason to reach out to clients, potentially generating new revenue. As the industry reduces its dependence on fees, it is essential to expand the scope of your financial guidance.

Opportunity 4: Spend more time focused on your clients.

Of all the opportunities for financial advisors Medicare can offer, this is the most important. Your time is limited. You have clients who need you. You don’t have time to go down a Medicare “rabbit hole.” Let Healthpilot be the Medicare experts. First, we’ll help you identify Medicare-eligible clients. Then, with one click you can send them an online referral. After that, they can find the right plan and enroll online on Healthpilot — all on their own.

Don’t miss these opportunities for financial advisors. 

As healthcare costs rise, your clients will depend more and more on your guidance. Now you can be the hero who protects your clients from wasting money on the wrong Medicare plan. By partnering with Healthpilot, you can seize these opportunities to increase revenue and retention.

Learn more about Healthpilot for financial advisors and create your account today.  

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