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by Healthpilot Communications

October 05, 2021

Healthpilot Creates First Intuitive, Online Shopping and Enrollment Experience for Medicare


New platform transforms how we research, compare and enroll in Medicare plans, increasing customer confidence now and in the future.

Nashville, TN, October 5, 2021 – Healthpilot is revolutionizing how Americans get their Medicare plans by offering an all-digital comparison, recommendation, and enrollment platform.

For the first time ever, consumers have a truly customer-first online option for shopping and enrolling in Medicare plans.

Paying for healthcare is a top concern for retirees. In fact, 47% worry about paying medical bills in retirement1. But trying to identify which Medicare plan will give them the best coverage for their needs is an exhausting and frustrating process. As a result, many fail to do the comparison shopping necessary to find a plan that will give them adequate protection from high healthcare costs. According to Kaiser Family Foundation,  57% of Medicare enrollees do not review their coverage annually2.

Now Healthpilot makes it quick and easy to compare Medicare plans, including Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Supplement Insurance, and Prescription Drug plans.

Here’s how it works. First, customers provide demographic information and answer a few questions about how they utilize healthcare.

Healthpilot uses that data to search thousands of health insurance claims to find people who use healthcare in a similar way. Healthpilot then predicts what coverage the customer would get from each available plan and what it would cost.

Next, Healthpilot delivers highly personalized recommendations for plans offering the best coverage for the customer’s needs, with no pressure to buy. Customers can compare plans side-by-side and enroll right on Healthpilot.

And Healthpilot is changing how Americans choose their Medicare plans in other ways, too.

  • When estimating costs, Healthpilot looks beyond copays and premiums, factoring in deductibles, coinsurance, and prescriptions to show the true cost of each plan.
  • Instead of treating doctor coverage as an afterthought, Healthpilot considers it a key element when recommending plans.
  • Prescription drug coverage, including difficult concepts like “the donut hole,” is communicated in plain language.
  • To help customers continue to have the right Medicare plan year after year, Healthpilot alerts them when a plan that could be a better option is found.

“The large and growing senior population in the US has been poorly served by the health care market to solve for one of the most basic and important life decisions they face in retirement – making sure they have the right Medicare insurance coverage for their health and economic needs,” explained David Francis, Healthpilot’s CEO. “The Healthpilot platform is built with each individual customer at the center of our mission – to make health care easy, efficient, and effective for every consumer. Healthpilot is transforming the healthcare experience of tens of millions of seniors to access the best insurance coverage and health care for each of them through our unique, easy-to-use, and confidence-inspiring digital platform.”

Talk to anyone who uses Medicare or cares for someone who does. They will tell you the way they search for Medicare plans today is crazy. Healthpilot has changed all that, saving seniors hours they once had to spend searching for a Medicare plan and making it easier to protect their savings from rising healthcare costs.

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About Healthpilot

Healthpilot is a digital consumer engagement platform dedicated to making healthcare easy, efficient, and effective for every consumer. Through its proprietary technology, Healthpilot delivers a personalized, easy-to-use Medicare shop, compare and enroll experience that allows every consumer to build the confidence they need to enroll in the right Medicare plan for their specific health and economic needs each year. To learn more about Healthpilot, including links to follow them on social media, visit

  1. SimplyWise Retirement Confidence Index, January, 2021.
  2. Kaiser Family Foundation “More Than Half of All People on Medicare Do Not Compare Their Coverage Options Annually, October, 2020.

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